My designs are energetic, purposeful, and thoughtful. My interests and education background in both art and marketing, have led me to a different way of thinking when it comes to design. I design for both aesthetic and function. As an artist, I believe that designs should be first and foremost visually attractive and eye-catching to the viewer. But as a rational marketer, I believe that designs need to be useful, meaningful, and convey a specific message to the audience. The design process I go through includes visual research and a lot of experimentation with shapes, images, patterns, and typography.

I like to find the perfect color palette to enhance my work, which often times includes lively and natural colors. I use a mixture of both classic and innovative fonts to bring my design concepts to life. I create out of my love for design and out of my love for people. I hope to create graphic design that would encourage and brighten up people’s days.


I am a graphic designer born, raised, and living in Southern California. As a child, I remember loving to create and the only thing I wanted to be when I grew up was artist. It makes me so happy to be living out my dream everyday. I am inspired by my faith, events in my life, people, nature, and my surroundings. My experience growing up in an encouraging and loving home has led me to work hard to create graphic design that would be make a positive impact on others. It has also made me strive to become a person who is genuine and reliable as a designer, a business person, and a Christian.